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UGAMI Announces Marine Biology Spring Semester

  The University of Georgia Marine Institute is pleased to announce the creation of a new academic program, the Marine Biology Spring Semester.  This exciting opportunity is open to undergraduate and graduate students, from any college or university, pursuing a degree in biology, ecology, chemistry,... Read more →

Dr. Mary Ann Moran named UGA Regents’ Professor

UGAMI Faculty Member, Mary Ann Moran, was named Regents’ Professor.  Dr. Moran is the Principal Investigator of the Sapelo Island Microbial Carbon Observatory and founder of the Coastal Summer Semester Program, both of which are based at UGAMI. See this article in UGA Today for... Read more →

Spring “Break” at UGAMI

As university campuses across the country pause for spring break, teaching and research activities at UGAMI ramp-up.  Faculty and students from universities all over the U.S. take advantage of the break in the normal class schedule to come to UGAMI to conduct research or to... Read more →

Undergraduate Internships Available

Applications are now open for undergraduate internships with the Georgia Coastal Ecosystems – Long-Term Ecological Research program (GCE – LTER).  This project is part of the National Science Foundation’s Long-Term Ecological Research Network.  The GCE – LTER is centered at the University of Georgia Marine... Read more →

Renovations of the Administration and Carriage Buildings

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!  For the past few years, UGAMI has been implementing an infrastructure improvement plan.  Hurricane Irma was certainly a setback to those plans (see earlier posts on Hurricane Irma’s damage and subsequent recovery efforts).  However, Irma has also presented... Read more →

Update on Hurricane Irma recovery

The Bad News: On September 11, 2017, the University of Georgia’s Marine Institute was flooded by storm surge caused by Hurricane Irma.  Three-quarters of all the buildings on the campus were affected (16 buildings and several small out-buildings), including research laboratories, teaching facilities, dormitories, faculty/staff... Read more →

Spring tides and Ice storms

Spring tides are the highest tides of the monthly lunar cycle, and this month’s spring tide was one of the highest of the year (sometimes called a “King Tide”).  By coincidence, this spring tide corresponded with a very rare ice storm on January 3rd; something... Read more →

Seafaring gators connect marine and freshwater habitats

Research conducted at UGAMI shows that American alligators are an important link between freshwater and coastal marine ecosystems.  James Nifong and Brian Silliman, part of the NSF-funded Georgia Coastal Ecosystem – Long-Term Ecological Research Program, used radio telemetry and GPS trackers to follow the movements... Read more →

Hurricane Irma Hits UGAMI

Hurricane Irma hit UGAMI pretty hard.  About ¾ of our buildings had some storm surge flooding, including research & teaching labs; the BIRL dormitory; The Powerhouse (lecture hall/dining hall/kitchen); administrative offices; electrical, auto & carpentry shops; houses; and storage facilities. The main lab and nearby buildings... Read more →

UPDATE, 11:00 AM 9/7/17: UGAMI Closing for Hurricane Irma

The Governor has just ordered a mandatory evacuation for Georgia’s barrier islands. To comply with this order UGAMI will be officially moving its closure to 4:30 PM today. We will remain closed through at least Tuesday Sept 12. Check back at this web site for further... Read more →

UGAMI Closing for Hurricane Irma

Due to the approach of Hurricane Irma, UGAMI will close at 12:00 pm on Friday Sept 8 and remain closed through at least Tuesday Sept 12. A state of emergency has been declared for the coastal counties of Georgia, including McIntosh. The eye of Hurricane Irma is... Read more →

UGAMI Summer Classes

UGAMI has been in a frenzy lately.  Summer is always a busy time of year here; faculty, students, and technicians flock to Sapelo Island to conduct field research.  However, the number of students coming to UGAMI, especially in the summer, has been growing.  UGAMI hosts... Read more →

12th Annual Sapelo Island Lighthouse 5K Run

  One of the Independence Day traditions on Sapelo Island is the Sapelo Island Lighthouse 5K Run.  The race course goes from the Nannygoat Beach Parking Lot to the iconic Sapeolo Lighthouse and back to the beach.   GCE LTER technicians dominated the field of... Read more →

UGAMI Staff Appreciation

On Thursday, May 11, the staff of UGAMI gathered for our annual staff appreciation.  Even that infamous pirate, Captain E.C., was in attendance.  There was much merriment and cake, too. Sapelo Island’s remote location often means that extra effort is required to get things done.  This... Read more →

UGAMI installs new seawater system

With funds from an NSF Field Stations and Marine Laboratories grant, we completed renovations of the systems supplying water to UGAMI’s seawater laboratories.  These facilities allow us to maintain a large variety of tanks and aquaria for studying marine organisms in a controlled setting. The... Read more →

Chris Craft publishes new book on wetland restoration

Indiana University Professor and UGAMI Faculty Affiliate, Christopher Craft, has just published a new book titled Creating and Restoring Wetlands: From Theory to Practice. Given the challenges and opportunities facing wetlands in the coming century, this book will undoubtedly become an essential tool for restoration... Read more →

UGAMI gets new small boat docks

To get to ocean and estuarine habitats, marine scientists depend on boats; they’re a basic tool of the trade.  Most people understand the importance of boats to our work.  But there are other, somewhat less exciting, tools that are just as important.  For example, a boat... Read more →

Whiting-Turner work weekend at UGAMI a success

Since 2015, the Whiting-Turner Contracting Company has sponsored an annual volunteer work weekend helping to improve the UGAMI facilities.  Eighteen Whiting-Turner employees and their spouses spent this past weekend on Sapelo Island working side by side with UGAMI staff, Beth Richardson (Friends of UGAMI), and... Read more →

UGAMI begins major renovation of main lab

              Last month, work started on a major renovation of UGAMI’s main laboratory building.  This project represents the first phase of a multi-year plan to completely renovate and modernize the Main Lab.  At 20,000 square feet, the Main Lab... Read more →

SINERR turns 40

On December 22, 2016, the Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve (SINERR) celebrated its fortieth anniversary.  The 6,100-acre reserve covers a swath along the western and southern flanks of Sapelo Island, including the UGAMI campus. SINERR’s research and education initiatives focus on the natural ecosystems,... Read more →