Dr. Merryl Alber to Receive Award

Dr. Merryl Alber, Director of UGAMI and Project Director of the Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER, will be receiving an award at the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation meeting in November. She will receive the Margaret A. Davidson Award for Stewardship, recognizing her outstanding achievements in supporting management of coastal systems. Congratulations, Dr. Alber!

From the CERF website:

“Dr. Merryl Alber has demonstrated extraordinary leadership, service, innovation, and commitment to the management of estuarine systems. She formed the Georgia Coastal Research Council, which has fostered productive working relationships between over 150 researchers and resource managers for 17 years. Merryl has taught coastal policy courses to graduate students for 20 years and inspired many students to careers in management and policy. She has also served as a scientific leader, as Director of the University of Georgia Marine Institute as well as Principal Investigator of the Georgia Coastal Long Term Ecological Research program. Dr. Alber has served as the Managing Editor of Coastal and Estuarine Science News, which translates key scientific papers for resource managers and policy makers, since 2005, and she has served on numerous workgroups and committees dedicated to activities devoted to environmental stewardship. She has also written a children’s book about the salt marsh. Throughout her distinguished career, Merryl Alber has embodied the passion and commitment to management that Margaret Davidson pioneered.”