Undergraduate Programs

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Over the past three years, 116 classes have used UGAMI facilities, for an average of 600-700 students per year. This includes 36 classes from University of Georgia (representing 10 departments), 15 from other institutions in the University of Georgia System, and 13 institutions from 10 other states.  It is hard to overstate the impact of a visit to UGAMI for students. Come see us if you get the chance!

Visiting Sapelo Island with the Honors Science course was by far my favorite memory from my freshman year… The trip to Sapelo brought everything we studied in the classroom to life.

I will have the memories from Sapelo for the rest of my life. I learned so much and met so many amazing people. My main suggestion for the course would be to have more time on Sapelo.

Residential Courses

Maymester: Geography of the Georgia Coast Domestic Field Study program

Classes: GEOG 2610: Geography of Georgia (3 credits)  and GEOG 4630: Urban Political Ecology (3 credits)

UGAMI students at the Sapelo Island lighthouse.

UGAMI students at the Sapelo Island lighthouse.

Dates: May 9 – May  30, 2018

Program Costs:  $1,160 program fee plus UGA tuition for 6 credits and UGA fees for off-campus study


Professor Nik Heynen,

Department of Geography


UGAMI GEOG Field Program-2018 1 pager

UGAMI GEOG Field Program – 2018 application

UGA Coastal Summer Semester (Summer Short Session I)

Students in UGAMI’s Coastal Summer Semester on the Teal Boardwalk

Experience Georgia’s coastal environments and participate in marine field research at the University of Georgia Marine Institute. Explore the salt marsh, conduct fisheries sampling aboard the Research Vessel Spartina, study nesting sea turtles, and dive into your own independent research project.

Classes: Students take two of three classes. All students take MARS 4500 – Field Study in Oceanography and Marine Methods (4 credits) and then choose between MARS 4510 – Independent Study in Oceanography and Marine Methods (4 credits) and BIOL 4960 – Undergraduate Research in Biology (4 credits).

Dates: June 4 – June 29, 2018

Program Costs: $1,750 program fee and $140 laboratory fee plus UGA tuition for 8 credits.


Dr. Charles Hopkinson

Department of Marine Sciences



Dr. Damon Gannon

UGA Marine Institute



Non-UGA Students: This program is open to UGA and non-UGA students alike. Students from other universities simply need to obtain transient student status at UGA to register for these courses. Contact Dr. Damon Gannon for information on obtaining transient student status at UGA.

Application Deadline: January 19, 2018 for full consideration.  March 16 for Round 2 Acceptance. After March 16, applications will be reviewed if space is available in the program.


Coastal Summer Semester: 2018 Program Description

2018 Coastal Summer Semester poster

UGA Coastal Summer Semester Application 2018


UGAMI Semester

We are currently developing a residential semester program at UGAMI. Undergraduate students from UGA and other universities would live on Sapelo Island for a semester while taking a full load of courses.  The UGAMI semester program is set to begin in spring of 2019. If you are interested in this option, please complete the undergraduate student questionnaire to help us design a program that will best fit your needs.

Field Trips

UGAMI is a destination for University of Georgia courses, as well as other University System of Georgia institutions, and beyond. Field trips are generally arranged over a weekend, although some classes visit for longer periods of time.

College or university-level instructors who are interested in arranging a class field trip to UGAMI should fill out a UGAMI education request form or contact the Program Coordinator, Gracie Townsend.

Classes that have visited UGAMI:

University of Georgia

Course IDCourse Name
ANTH 2120HIntroduction to Anthropology
ECOL 3300Field course in Ecological Problem Solving
FISH 4650Georgia Fishes Field Class
GEOL 2010Life, Ecology and Environments of the Past
IFPHonors Interdisciplinary Field Program includes a visit to UGAMI
MARS 1010LIntroduction to the Marine Environment
MARS 3450Marine Biology
WILD 3580Vertebrate Natural History

Other universities

NameCourse IDCourse Name
Armstrong State University (GA)BIOL 4970Barrier Island Ecology
Ball State University (IN)BIOL 420/520Coastal Ecology
Brown University (RI) BIO 144Marine Ecology
GA College & State University (GA)GEOL 4951Hydrogeology
Georgia Gwinnett College (GA)BIOL 3150 Temperate Biology
Georgia Perimeter College (GA)BIOL 2108Principles of Biology II
Middle Georgia State College (GA)BIOL 3360Plant Biology
Middle Georgia State College (GA)BIOL 3450General Microbiology
Middle Georgia State College (GA)BIOL 3666Entomology
Oglethorpe University (GA) BIO 380Conservation Biology
University of North Georgia (GA)BIOL 4461Marine Field Study
South Georgia State College (GA)BIOL 2107Principles of Biology I
South Georgia State College (GA)BIOL 3545Vertebrate Zoology
South Georgia State College (GA)SCIE 1111Environmental Science
Valdosta State University (GA)BIOL 3250 Ecology and Evolution
Valdosta State University (GA)BIOL 3650Plant Systematics
Valdosta State University (GA)BIOL 4020Coastal Biodiversity
Valdosta State University (GA)ISCI 3103Natural History of Georgia

Academic Programs

UGAMI does not grant degrees. However, several academic programs at University of Georgia partner with UGAMI for part of their programming.


The Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER project runs a summer internship program, with opportunities at UGAMI.