Mission and Strategic Vision


UGAMI provides exceptional opportunities for research and education in coastal ecosystems.


UGAMI is a financially sustainable, world-renowned field destination where scientists and other scholars conduct cutting-edge research and students have transformative experiences.

Strategic priorities

  • Build on excellence in research: We will provide the necessary support to enhance the success of research projects conducted on the GA coast, continuing our strong international presence as a leader in ecological sciences. We will also promote creative scholarship by fostering new, interdisciplinary investigations.
  • Further partnerships and engagement: We will expand options for on-site conferences and workshops and continue to develop partnerships in order to serve a broad community of scholars, students and the general public, strengthening engagement at all levels.
  • Strengthen educational opportunities for undergraduates: We will create opportunities for undergraduates from UGA and other Institutions to participate in formative learning experiences in a nationally recognized program, resulting in life-long connections and a well-equipped, educated workforce.
  •  Increase and manage resources: We will establish sustainable financial strategies for operations and seek to significantly increase the amount of public and private dollars invested in UGAMI, ensuring a stable and diverse funding stream.
  •  Improve and maintain facilities: We will implement infrastructure improvements that reflect our commitment to optimizing efficiency while promoting responsible reuse of the historic structures that house the Institute’s operations, with the goal of enhancing functionality and maintaining competitive facilities.