cupola and clock of main lab

UGAMI is making infrastructure improvements that reflect our commitment to enhancing functionality and optimizing efficiency while promoting responsible reuse of the historic structures that house the Institute’s operations. We have recently completed renovations on the Power House as well as repaired and replaced roofs on a number of buildings.

Seawater System

UGAMI received a $350,000 grant in 2015 from the National Science Foundation’s Field Stations and Marine Labs program to renovate the seawater delivery system. The upgrade involves modifying the present system so that it only pumps seawater during high tide, and adding larger storage tanks to be able to provide seawater when the pumps are not running. The new system, designed with a capacity of 1.5 times that of the current system in order to support future growth, also includes pre-filtration, a disinfection unit, and a control and alarm system. The upgraded seawater system will benefit virtually all UGAMI users who require running seawater for everything from rinsing samples to storing live organisms to conducting long-term experiments. The project should be completed by fall 2016.

Main Laboratory

In 2015, UGAMI initiated a multi-year effort to address critical facility renovations in the main laboratory. To date, we have conducted an analysis of health and life safety deficits and an assessment of what is needed to address infrastructure needs (mechanical, electrical, plumbing). We are currently working with an architect to develop a renovation plan that meets the programming needs identified in the UGAMI strategic plan while minimizing disruption to the Institute.

Phase I of the renovations focuses on the east wing of the first floor, which will house a 20-seat teaching lab and four visitor labs. Support for the project to date has come from the State funds, and includes money for mechanical/electrical/plumbing upgrades and overall design. We are currently seeking additional funds for outfitting the teaching lab.