New signage for the Alligator Pond/Water Garden

The Friends of UGAMI spearheaded a project to install two new interpretive signs for the Alligator Pond on the UGAMI campus.  One sign describes the history of the artificial pond, which was created in 1923 when Howard Coffin owned what we now call the Reynolds Mansion.  The second sign covers the ecology of the plants and animals that inhabit the pond.  The pond is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including turtles and alligators. Wood storks, egrets, and herons roost in the surrounding trees.  One recent survey by a visiting class counted 13 gators in the pond.

Click here to see a 360-degree view from the boardwalk in the Alligator Pond

The sign installation was a team effort.  They were designed by the The Friends of UGAMI, paid for by a grant from the Garden Club of Georgia (awarded to the Friends of UGAMI), and installed by the UGAMI maintenance staff.  Check them out the next time you are on Sapelo.

New interpretive signs at the Alligator Pond.