Welcoming Dr. Resetarits as our new Scientist-in-Residence!

Dr. Emlyn Resetarits sits in a blue long sleeve field shirt in front of a background of water with trees along the far bank.
Our new Scientist-in-Residence, Dr. Emlyn Resetarits

We are very excited to announce Dr. Emlyn Resetarits will be joining UGAMI as our inaugural Scientist-in-Residence.  Dr. Resetarits has been teaching as part of our Marine Biology Spring semester for several years and will be joining the UGAMI faculty full-time in Spring 2023.  She has already begun setting up her research in a dedicated space in the newly renovated north wing of the main lab.  We welcome Dr. Resetarits and her research to UGAMI and are truly excited about the research opportunities and wealth of knowledge she brings to our students and research community.

A little bit more about Dr. Resetarits:

She received her PhD from UT-Austin where she investigated how environmental variables influence parasite community assembly across spatial and organizational scales, focusing primarily on salt-marsh ecosystems.  She continued her research at the Odum School of Ecology at UGA in the Byers Lab where she combined field surveys with lab and field manipulations to quantify the role that parasites play in aquatic ecosystems.   

Dr. Resetarits’ work provides valuable insight into how parasites interact at the ecosystem level and how behavior and community-level dynamics may contribute to those interactions. 

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Resetarits to our community!  We look forward to hearing more about what she uncovers in the marsh.