More Facilities Improvements at UGAMI


More Facilities Improvements at UGAMI

UGAMI’s new main library space.

We have recently completed renovations of the library wing of the main lab.  This building was originally constructed in the 1930s as a dairy barn.  When UGAMI was founded in 1953, the dairy barn was converted into a laboratory.  The goals of this renovation project were to bring it up to modern building codes, improve aesthetics, and to optimize spaces to serve our strategic needs.  These new renovations complete the third phase of the first major renovation of the building since it was converted from a barn in 1953.  Improvements include removing hazardous materials,  improving life safety, and updating mechanical and electrical systems.   The library is now a very inviting, open space with couches, tables, and general-use computers.  The books have been moved into a well-organized stack room adjacent to the library.  The other spaces in that wing now include modern offices for visiting researchers, study spaces for students, and a conference room.  

This renovation project, the latest in a long list of recent improvements, will help UGAMI continue to be a world-class facility for research and teaching.

New Library Stacks.
New Study Space.