UGAMI Hosts SAML Conference: Third Time’s the Charm

UGAMI hosted the annual meeting of the Southern Association of Marine Laboratories (SAML). SAML is a regional chapter of the National Association of Marine Laboratories (NAML). SAML’s Member institutions range geographically from Maryland through Texas, including Bermuda.

The mission of SAML is to promote collaboration among member institutions; encourage the wise use and conservation of marine and coastal resources; demonstrate the importance of marine research and education to the economy and to society; facilitate marine and estuarine research on a regional scale; and provide a forum for developing solutions to common challenges facing marine laboratories in the region.

SAML meetings are held annually each spring. UGAMI was supposed to host the meeting in 2020, but that meeting was postponed twice due to COVID 19.  The meeting used a hybrid format with approximately half of the participants attending in-person and the remainder logging-in remotely. 

The meeting agenda included updates on new infrastructure and programmatic developments at each member laboratory; an update on the outlook for scientific funding and federal public policy; and a round-table discussion on ways to improve safety in the field and ensure that our laboratories are welcoming to people of all backgrounds.

It is great to spend time with fellow administrators and faculty from marine labs across the region, talking about the work for which we all feel such passion.