UGAMI Welcomes Students to the Coastal Summer Semester

The 2023 Coastal Summer Semester class onboard the R/V Spartina for a trawl.

The Coastal Summer Semester students arrived on Sapelo Island Sunday afternoon, June 4th. The program is off to a great start! Thus far students have trawled on board the R/V Spartina, learned about oyster ecology, salt marsh dynamics, black gill in shrimp, and nearshore plankton communities, as well as discovered various marine invertebrates and vertebrates along the way.

Dr. Shelby Zeigler showing off a gar that was caught in the trawl.

Lab and field activities have included phytoplankton chlorophyll extraction, measurement of fish abundance and diversity in the estuary, oyster parasite and disease recognition and quantification, and seine netting from the beach. Next week students will begin to design and execute their independent research projects. If this type of immersive, hands-on, inquiry-based experience looks interesting, please consider our Spring 2024 Semester Program.

Captain Ike piloting the trawl.