Here we go again…

A familiar occurrence is happening again at UGAMI: another infrastructure improvement project is getting underway.  The process begins with the arrival of a barge loaded with equipment and construction materials.  Then the workers arrive on the ferry, many of whom are now our old friends; veterans from previous construction projects at UGAMI. 

The current project is the second phase of renovations on the Main Lab building, which focuses on the utility systems in the southern half of the Main Lab Building. This phase will significantly upgrade the HVAC, potable water, sewer, and electrical systems.  The results may not be immediately obvious to first-time visitors, but lab users who have been coming to UGAMI for a while will surely notice the improvements in indoor air quality & temperature.

There have been many investments made in infrastructure improvements at UGAMI over the past two years, including: installing a new pumping and water distribution system for our seawater labs; creating new outdoor seawater tank facilities; renovating the ground floor of the Main Lab (visitor labs, a shared equipment lab, and a new teaching lab); consolidating the Maintenance Department’s shop facilities; creating a new lab space with fume hoods in what used to be the old electrical shop; renovating the administrative offices and creating a museum exhibit space in the north carriage house building; creating student recreation facilities, housekeeping facilities, a video conference room, and offices in the south carriage house building; and replacing the boat docks in South End Creek and Post Office Creek.

Living amid a major construction project can be inconvenient.  But UGAMI users and staff are excited to see the progress taking place.  These investments by the University System of Georgia and external funding agencies are proof of the value placed on UGAMI and the work that goes on here.

UGAMI’s Main Lab before the renovations. Most of the work in the second phase of the renovation will take place in the wing of the building seen on the left side of the photo.
Out with the old, in with the new. These are the old air handlers from the HVAC system in the auditorium and library wing of the Main Lab.