UGAMI Coastal Semester 2021

The students in the UGAMI Coastal Summer Semester finished up this past week with presentations of their independent study projects. The students covered a wide range of topics, from studies of marine organisms (e.g. sand dollars, hermit crabs, gelatinous zooplankton) to salt marshes to plastic pollution. We also had students who studied birds, gopher tortoises, and fish. The independent projects capped off an intense four weeks taught by Dr. Damon Gannon (UGAMI Assistant Director for Instruction) and a roster of guest instructors who came through for various parts of the program. Marine Sciences graduate student Jeremy Schreier served as the T.A. for the class and did a fantastic job as well.

Guest instructor Dr. Chuck Hopkinson (back row) along with a group of students in the Coastal Summer Semester, about to embark on their “dawn” sampling to measure the metabolism of the Duplin River estuary.