Graduate Student Research Awards

2018 Guidelines for Application
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Friends of the UGA Marine Institute Graduate Research Award

We welcome your application to the Friends of the Marine Institute Graduate Research Award. You must be currently enrolled in graduate studies at a college or university and conducting or planning to conduct your research at the University of Georgia Marine Institute on Sapelo Island.

All applications must be submitted in electronic format (Word document or Adobe PDF) according to the process outlined below.

Note: the deadline for submission is 5:00 pm EST on November 16,2018. All applications submitted after that time and date will not be considered for funding. Please email your submission to Beth Richardson. Notification will be sent by January 4, 2019.

Please read all instructions carefully and provide all the information requested.

Application – instructions and required information:

1. Please write a one-page letter stating how a $1000 graduate student grant from the Friends of UGAMI will help you accomplish your research. Include a budget describing how you plan to spend the funds (for supplies, meeting expenses, etc).

2. In standard abstract format, write a two-page overview of your research that clearly states your goals and objectives. On page one, before you begin the overview of your research project, please state:

  • The title of your research topic
  • Your name and your major professor’s name
  • Department and university address
  • Phone number and email address

3. Use a 12-point font and Word format. Files can be sent as either .doc or .pdf.

4. Illustrations and photographs are not required but may be included within the twopage abstract. List references sited at the bottom of page two.

5. Include a letter of support from your major professor/advisor at the same time you submit your application.

6. A total of 4 pages must be submitted – your cover letter, your two-page abstract and a letter of support from your major professor/advisor.

Thank you for applying! If you have any questions please contact:
Beth Richardson – by email or phone 706-542-4080.