Map of Sapelo Island from the Sapelo Island Handbook


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A - Marsh landing Dock
B - University of Georgia Marine Institute
C - Main House (Big House, South End House)
D - Shell Hammock
E - Nannygoat Beach
F - Lighthouse
G - South Nannygoat - exposed mudflats
H - Airport
I - "Behavior" Cemetery
J - Georgia Department of Natural Resources Main Office
K - Georgia Department of Natural Resources Housing
L - Kenan Field
M - Lumber Landing
N - Moses Hammock (Hunt Camp)
O - Moses Hammock boardwalk research site
P - Chocolate
Q - Shell Ring
R - High Point
S - Duck Ponds
T - Bourbon Field
U - King Savannah
V - Racoon Bluff Church
W - Raccoon Bluff
X - North Cabretta - relict marsh site
Y - Hog Hammock Community
Z - Big Hole

Map of Sapelo Island